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Where Is President Obama’s ‘Arthur Schlesinger’ (When He Really Needs Him)?

February 4, 2009

President Kennedy did not keep a White House “resident historian”–Mr. Arthur Schlesinger of Harvard University–among his full time White House Staff just to help him write his memoirs, but used him as a consultant on a wide range of domestic policy issues–as Mr. Schlesinger himself documented in his book “A Thousand Days.”

In fact, Mr. Schlesinger was a historical expert of the 1930s and wrote a popular multi-volume history of The Great Depression era: “The Crises of the Old Order” and “The Coming Of the New Deal.”

If president Obama had an “Arthur Schlesinger” on his staff, surely he, or she, would be pointing out to him that its was fundamental structural economic and political reforms–principally the re-industrialization of America during WWII–that finally ended the The Great Depression, and not simply “economic stimulus”–six years of which only managed to end in the Recession of 1937-39.

History illustrates that “economic stimulus” can relieve some of the symptoms of a depression/serious recession, but it cannot “cure the underlying disease.”

And if the President’s advisers offered fundamental structural reforms along with “economic stimulus,” such a comprehensive economic plan would also answer the principle attack of political  “conservatives” to his economic plan–i.e. that the new administration, with its “stimulus package”  is simply increasing the deficit to a Mount Everest of National Debt with no end in sight.

Fortunately for the President, an ‘Arthur Schlesinger’ on his White House National Policy Team could also advise him–based on the lessons of history–exactly what fundamental reforms would permanently end The Great Recession and restore America to is rightful place as the world’s industrial and economic power house:

  • a complete overhaul of the federal taxation system including no business taxation of family and start up business, no taxation of savings, investment and retirement income, and no tax “shelters” of any kind;
  • re-industrialization (in the aerospace and environmental industries) to replace “minimum wage” service” sector jobs with “living wage” industrial sector jobs; and
  • public financing of all election campaigns to finally cut the tie between the Real Estate-Banking-Investment industries and the government that is supposed to be protecting the American worker and investor from the greed of so many of their executives.